Assalamu Alaikum,

The Birmingham Islamic Society is eagerly anticipating the blessed month of Ramadan, insha’Allah!

Please review and share these important announcements regarding Ramadan 1440/2019:

According to the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA)the first day of fasting is Monday, May 6th, insha Allah. Taraweeh prayers will begin Sunday, May 5th after ‘Isha prayer.

Daily Iftars at Birmingham Islamic Society

Every Ramadan, local community members sponsor iftar/dinners for fasters at our three masajid. This is not a family/friend gathering and invitation event, but rather an opportunity to help feed fellow brothers and sisters who may not have family to break fast with.

You may sponsor an iftar meal for Ramadan by filling out this form on our website – Iftar Sponsorship Form. Someone from BIS will be in touch with you regarding your sponsorship, insha’Allah.

Taraweeh Prayers BIS 

Our community is blessed with three taraweeh locations this Ramadan! Prayers will also be held at  the Hoover Crescent Islamic Center, Homewood Masjid and West Side Masjid, insha’Allah. For addresses to these sites, please visit our website and click on “directions”.

Child Care During Ramadan

Child care will be available at BIS for children up to age 10 during taraweeh. Children will have a variety of fun, hands-on activities and crafts to choose from and will be supervised by trained staff.   Children are going to be separated in 3 rooms by age groups.  ALL parents utilizing babysitting services at the HCIC during Taraweeh must register their children.  Parents can register their children online or in person at the HCIC masjid.  No children will be allowed in the babysitting rooms unless they are registered.  This is for safety and security reasons and as such, there will be no exception to this rule. 

Children over the age of 10 must be supervised by a parent at all times and are advised to be praying Taraweeh so they can get the benefits and blessings of Ramadan InshaAllah.  Adults not praying are requested to remain quiet during prayers.

For security reasons and to control noise in the parking lot in respect of our neighbors, all members of our community are respectfully requested to be inside the masjid during the entire Taraweeh inshaAllah.  All members of the community want to gain as much benefit as possible during this blessed month, so please do your part in ensuring your children have proper supervision at the masjid. 

Please be advised that the basketball court will be closed during Isha time and during the ENTIRE Taraweeh time each night.  Again this is for safety and security reasons and more importantly our youth need to be praying Taraweeh so they can too get the benefit of this blessed month of Ramadan, as well as controlling noise outside the masjid.  The basketball court will be open during the day and until 9:20 PM each night.  The basketball will be closed for the rest of the night starting at 9:20 PM and will be open again after Fajr InshaAllah.  Jazakum Allah Khair for complying with these requests inshaAllah.  With everyone’s help, we can have a successful and blessed month of Ramadan InshaAllah.

Invite a Guest to the Masjid 

Once again, we will be hosting iftar for the community at large to the HCIC. Please invite your non-Muslim neighbors, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to learn about Islam and enjoy a Ramadan meal. Please share this link with your guest to be added to our guest calendar.

Special Ramadan Programs 

Stay tuned to our community e-mails and Facebook page for more details about special Ramadan events and activities in the community.  

May Allah accept our fasts, good works, and worship during this blessed month. Ameen. Ramadan Mubarak!


BIS Shura Board of Directors