Birmingham Islamic Society (“BIS”) was formed in 1990 as an unincorporated association under the laws of the state of Alabama, as successor to the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s chapter of the Muslim Students’ Association, which was formed in the early 1980s.

BIS is governed by a constitution that calls for regular elections of board members, currently consisting of seven members. Officers of BIS consist of an elected president and treasurer/secretary. Four additional members are also elected by the general body of BIS.

Since its inception, BIS operated a 3000 square foot Masjid located in the proximity of the University of Birmingham (“UAB”). This facility served as the main Masjid and a home for the At-Tawheed school formed in 1994 until the purchase of the Homewood Masjid in 1996.

In 1996, BIS purchased a three acre facility located in Homewood, Alabama with approximately 40,000 square feet under roof. This facility also housed the Islamic Academy of Alabama (“IAA”), successor to At-Tawheed school. This facility served as the BIS main center until 2007 and now is called Homewood Masjid. BIS recognized the need to expand its facilities. The principle criterion, as defined by the BIS new community center search committee was the geographic proximity to the majority of Muslims in Birmingham. Hoover (10 miles south of Birmingham) was identified as the ideal area to locate a community center.

In 2003, a Musallah was started in a rental facility. This musallah was a successful testing ground and gauged the community interest. In 2006, a significant majority of the community in an open forum voted to purchase an existing church. After a one year of struggle with the zoning and construction issues, this facility was renovated as an Islamic Center with the first Jummah prayer held on December 28, 2007. The community participated in a “Name the Masjid” contest and the name suggested by a young member of the Muslim community was chosen, Hoover Crescent Islamic Center.

In 2004, BIS satisfied the needs of the Muslim community and started our local cemetery, the Muslim Garden.

In 2010, BIS started Westside Masjid in Fairfield, Alabama to serve the spiritual and social needs of the community residing and working in the west side of the greater Birmingham area.

In 2011, BIS partnered with the Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent in North America Alabama Chapter (“APPNA-AL”) and started a free clinic, Red Crescent Clinic of Alabama (“RCCA”).

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