Islamic Committee for Anti-Racism and Equality

The vision of ICARE is Achieve inclusion and diversity in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah while combating race-based ignorance and aggression through education.  ICARE will be working to create a safe space for anti-racism dialogue by cultivating conversations against prejudice attitudes and practices that go against the teachings of Islam.  

Allah tells us in the Quran in Surah AlRoom, that it is from the signs of Allah SWT the creation of the heavens and the hearth and  the diversity in our tongues and in our colors, indeed these are signs for those who have knowledge.  

Nov 13, 2020

Our Islamic Committee for Anti Racism and equality, ICARE is working diligently with BIS to promote unity and respect for all.  The link below is for a short and quick survey.  It is our hope that as many community members as possible take this survey.  ICARE it’s totally Anonymous.  ICARE will utilize the data to plan activities to help achieve ICARE and essentially BiS vision in creating a strong community that fosters love and respect for all.  JAK