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BIS is pleased to announce that Weekend School will resume in person for the fall semester InshaAllah.  Please make sure to register your children on BIS Website. Our teachers are working diligently to develop lesson plans to deliver robust Islamic education to our community children. 

All classes will be delivered in person now.  

Philosophy and Goals

The primary objective of Birmingham Islamic Society-Weekend Islamic school (BIS-WIS) is to teach students to believe in Allah and to practice their deen in accordance with Quran and Sunnah. The goals of WIS are to ensure that as the child goes through each level of WIS, he/she gains knowledge about our deen and applies it in a correct manner in his/her daily life. Another goal is also to provide an Islamic environment for our youth on a weekend day so they can interact and socialize with like-minded youth and don’t get melted away in the non-Islamic society outside. The curriculum includes Quran, Seerah, and Islamic studies. The main elements of the curriculum are 1) Building a Muslim identity and 2) Gaining knowledge of Islamic beliefs and practices. Parents should know that BIS-WIS only plays an additional or secondary role in teaching their children about Islam.

Parents are solely responsible for implementation of this Islamic teaching and their children’s religious education at large. 

Fee Schedule

Number of Children Total Annual School Fees*
1 $300
2 $450
3 $600
4 $750
5 $900

* Includes Tuition, Books, and Stationery


Below are current WIS documents.

2023-2024 WIS Calendar

2023-2024 WIS Handbook

For documents from previous years, please visit our archive.


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