Question # 30:

On this final day of Ramadan, We want to congratulate each and everyone of you for your dedication to learning the book of Allah and for staying with us each day throughout this month of Ramadan.  We are going to miss you and miss reading your answers to the daily question of the day.  Please do not stop learning the book of Allah, and make sure to teach other what you learn each day.  May Allah make you all among the righteous and may Allah benefit you from what you learn and we ask Allah SWT to protect you and your families from any harm during this difficult time.  

There is no question today.  Rather, we would like to hear your feedback on the question of the day activity and what would you like us to do next time to make it better InshaAllah.

InshAllah We will have an exciting Eid Day program on Sunday May 24th from 2PM – 3PM in which we will announce the winners.  

Previous day participants

  • Abeer ElQishawi
  • Abdulrahman Asal
  • Maryam Asal
  • Amira Elshabasy
  • Hadi Saad
  • Yasmine Saad
  • Zayna Islam
  • Hala Nasser
  • Sumaya Ali
  • Sumayah Abed
  • Tahniyath Sultana

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