Eid ul-Fitr Prayer

Based on the Fiqh Counsel of North America, BIS declares Eid Alfitr on Sunday May 24th InshaAllah. 

Due to the increased risks involved in Coronavirus, there will be no Eid Salah congregation this year.  BIS is asking each family to pray Eid Al Fitr at home. 

Eid Takbirat will start at 9:30 AM live on YouTube and Facebook

Salat ul Eid starts at 10:00 AM at home

Eid Alfitr Salah is two Raka’as.  In the first Raka’a there are 7 Takbirat after Takbiratul Ihram, and in the second Raka’a there are five Takbirat after the takbirah from standing up from sujud of the first Takbirah.  Everything else is the same.

Click here to see a video with Br. Sameh on how to perform Eid prayer.

10 minute Eid speech at 10:30 AM on YouTube and Facebook

Eid Day Program, 2:00 – 3:00 PM, live on YouTube and Facebook

  • Greeting messages from our community sisters
  • Nasheed in Urdu, English and Arabic
  • Fun trivia questions with prizes
  • Recognition of our community volunteers

May Allah bless you all and bless our community and keep us safe at all times. 

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