Duas of the Prophets Competition

Du’as of the Prophets in the Quran and the Sunnah.


The du’a is one the simplest acts a believer can make to communicate and establish a connection with his or her creator. 

In the Quran, Surah Baqarah verse 186, Allah (swt) says, “When my servants ask you about me, (tell them), I am really close to them, I listen to the prayer of each supplicant when he invokes me”.


I would like to present to you a du’a every day in Ramadan, and at the end of Ramadan we will be having a Du’a contest.


*Every participant will be tested in five random Du’as.

* The reward will be $50 for the winner.

* The contestant is required to memorize and recite them in Arabic.

* The contestant will be asked about the general meaning in English of the Du’a.

* In case that some prophets have more than one Du’a , then the contestant is allowed to choose one of them.

* The daily Du’a will be announced via the BIS social media and the app.

* This contest is designed for all ages.

* The contest will take place in Hoover crescent on Sunday April 7th, at 6 pm.

* In order for the verse to be memorized correctly, Some websites will be recommended, such as: 

House of Quran.

Quran explorer.

* Click here to download the pdf with Duas of the Prophets

Duas of the Prophet


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