Weekend Islamic School

BIS offers weekly Islamic school (BIS-WIS) classes for children ages 5 and up. It is held every Sunday from 10:00 AM until 1:30 PM. The school runs throughout the year, with a three month break in the summer.


Registration for Weekend Islamic School (ages 4 and up) will be held on July 29, 2017 from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm in Hoover Crescent Islamic Center. For more details, please contact the Principal at wisprincipal@bisweb.org

Philosophy and Goals

The primary objective of Birmingham Islamic Society-Weekend Islamic school (BIS-WIS) is to teach students to believe in Allah and to practice their deen in accordance with Quran and Sunnah. The goals of WIS are to ensure that as the child goes through each level of WIS, he/she gains knowledge about our deen and applies it in a correct manner in his/her daily life. Another goal is also to provide an Islamic environment for our youth on a weekend day so they can interact and socialize with like-minded youth and don’t get melted away in the non-Islamic society outside. The curriculum includes Quran, Seerah, and Islamic studies. The main elements of the curriculum are 1) Building a Muslim identity and 2) Gaining knowledge of Islamic beliefs and practices. Parents should know that BIS-WIS only plays an additional or secondary role in teaching their children about Islam.

Parents are solely responsible for implementation of this Islamic teaching and their children’s religious education at large.

Fee Schedule

Number of Children Total Annual School Fees*
1 $300
2 $400
3 $500
4 $600
5 $700

* Includes Tuition, Books, and Stationary


Below are current WIS documents.

For documents from previous years, please visit our archive.

2018-2019 Weekend Islamic School calendar

2018-2019 Weekend Islamic School registration packet

2018 – 2019 Midterm Exam Study Guides

Grade I

Islamic Studies: Sr. Safa

Grade I – 1 Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies: Sr. Noora

Grade I – 2 Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies: Sr. Huma Fatima

Grade I – 2 Seerah

Islamic Studies: Sr. Fatima Jalloh

Grade I – 1 Quranic Studies

Islamic Studies: Sr. Fatima Jalloh

Grade I – 2 Quaranic Studies

Grade II

Quranic Studies: Sr. Khadra Abubakar

Grade II – 1 Quranic Studies

Quranic Studies: Sr. Jishan Zaman

Grade II – 2 Quranic Studies

Islamic Studies: Sr. Duha Aishah

Grade II – 1 Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies: Br. Abdul Iqbal

Grade II – 2 Islamic Studies

Seerah: Sr. Tehreem Khan

Grade II – 1 ISeerah

Seerah: Br. Aly Pabani

Grade II – 2 Seerah

Grade III

Islamic Studies: Br. Daniyal & Sr. Rabisa

Grade III – 1 Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies: Sr. Fahima Mir

Grade III – 2 Islamic Studies

Quranic Studies: Sr. Noora

Grade III – 1 Quranic Studies

Quranic Studies: Sr. Bushra

Grade III – 2 Quranic Studies

Grade IV

Islamic Studies: Br. Humza Khan

Grade IV Islamic Studies

Seerah: Sr. Farrah Ghori-Javed

Grade IV Seerah Studies

Quranic Studies: Sr. Islam Jaber

Grade IV Quranic Studies

Grade V

Quranic Studies: Br. Mohammad Jalloh

Grade V: Quranic Studies

Islamic Studies: Br. Amjad Javed

Grade V Islamic Studies