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Happy Hijri New Year to the Muslim community! Let us start Hijri 1443 AH by reflecting on ourselves and seeking mercy for our sins!

May Allah protects the Muslim Ummah from all evil and harm!

May this new year bring a lot of peace, prosperity & happiness to the world.


Sh Tariq Mango 

Dear community members,

As has been communicated before in previous meetings with the community. The Imam role at BIS was eliminated and a resident scholar role was created to serve our community.  

Sheikh Tariq Mango has been selected to serve in this capacity effective August 1st, 2021.  Sheikh Tariq was interviewed by a panel from our community members and was found to be qualified for this role.  No other candidates applied for the resident scholar role from our community.   

Sheikh Tariq Mango comes to his new role with the following credentials: 
Sheikh Tariq holds a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh and Islamic studies).  He is currently working on his master’s degree in Islamic studies.  Sheikh Tariq served the role of an Imam in Jordan for nine years.  He also has been teaching Quran and Islamic Studies at the Islamic Academy of Alabama for the past nine years.  While teaching at IAA, Sheikh Tariq held several leadership roles in our community to include but not limited to, Providing the community members with Hifdh and Ijaza of reciting and teaching the Quran and tajweed.  Leading the prayer and Taraweeh at Homewood Masjid for 9 years. Quran competition coordinator at IAA and also assisted in coordinating the annual Quran competition in Ramadan.  Sheikh Tariq also coached with the Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament (MIST) and training IAA students on delivering Jummah Khutbas. 

The Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament (MIST)™ Coach 

Sheikh Tariq is currently working on his activities calendar and InshaAllah we will be sharing it soon with the community.  Sheikh Tariq will hold scheduled office hours at HCIC that will be published with his activities calendar soon Inshallah.  

Please join us in congratulating Sheikh Tariq for his new role in our community.  Please make duaa for him and all of us to do what’s best for our community.  

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