Eid ul Adha Prayer


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Eid Prayer Timings

  1. Eid ul Adha 1440 will be on Tuesday, Aug 11, 2019, insha’Allah.
  2. Eid Prayers will be held at the Finely Center (located at 1000 RV Trace, Hoover, AL 35244) @ The Hoover Met Complex. Click here to view map of location and to get directions.
  3. Takbeerat will start at 9:00 AM and prayers will begin at 9:30 AM (sharp)..
  4. Please visit our website BISWEB.ORG for more information.

Special Announcement

Due to the acoustics of the facility, it is very important that all of us be respectful by not talking nor otherwise being disruptive (or allowing children to be disruptive) during the khutbah.

In order to ensure that everyone is able to hear the khateeb, there will be several community members wearing “BIS Volunteer” shirts whose job it will be to address any brothers or sisters who are being disruptive by talking during the khutbah and/or allowing children to do the same.

Such brothers or sisters will be asked to be quiet and, if they then choose not to be quiet, to promptly move to the lobby area outside of the prayer hall (and the prayer hall doors will be closed).

Please cooperate with these efforts, as our only goal is to ensure the tranquility of the room so that everyone can benefit from the khutbah, which is not possible if the khateeb cannot be heard.

Eid ul Adha Party Information

Eid Celebration is scheduled for Sunday, Aug 18 at Hoover Crescent Islamic Center. Additional information will be announced as it becomes available.