The BISmillah Vision

June 2017


InshaAllah this will be the new format of the the BISmillah Vision Newsletter.  With no limit to the number of pictures and length of articles shared from the various Birmingham Islamic Society events, the success of this publication is bound only by the help and support of the community.  

If you go to events hosted by BIS or represent BIS to the larger community, take pictures, write up a summary and please share them with  

InshaAllah, an increase in communication will further help us grow as a community and strengthen our sense of unity.  



Kirin Nabi

BISmillah Vision Editor


Imam’s Corner

A Message from the BIS President

A message from Br. Ashfaq Taufique…

I would like to invite you to a newly formatted BISmillah Vision.  Many thanks to Sr. Kirin Nabi for spea

rhead this project and to Sr. Sakeena for her invaluable support she provided in reviving the



I am deeply grateful to Allah (swt) for the blessings provided to us Muslims in the greater Birmingham area. We are blessed to be operating three Masajid, a full-time Islamic school, a weekend Islamic school, a cemetery that meets all the Islamic requirements and the list goes on.

Thankful to Allah that before the start of Ramadan, we could finish our multi-purpose rooms that serve as the overflow for Musallees, and also serve as meeting rooms for large groups.

Our next project, inshaAllah, will be to raise funds for building additional weekend school classrooms and examination rooms for our Red Crescent Clinic of Alabama.

3rd Annual “Welcome Ramadan Craft Fair”

By Busrah Habeeb


Over 70 children of The Birmingham Islamic Society celebrated at the 3rd Annual Welcome Ramadan Craft Fair on May 20th 2017 at the HCIC with great pleasure and joy.

The Ramadan Craft Fair was a delightful experience not only for the kids, but their parents as well. Sr. Sakeena Ahmed perfectly planned and organized yet another successful Ramadan Fair with the help of many helpful and talented sisters from our community.  

The entrance of the fair was decorated with warm smiles and cheerful spirits where volunteers helped kids register for the event.  The registration table presented attendees with a jar full of dates, not to eat, but to guess the correct number. The winner of an Urban Pops gift certificate was 6 year ol

d, Leen Elsherbiny who guessed 99, the actual was 97.

The event was hosted in the two new expansive halls that have been extended in the lobby area, giving everybody more room and making the event even more successful and smooth.

There were seven artistic and resourceful craft stations set up by our creative and talented sisters, who put in a lot of effort and hard work in planning this event and putting it together.

Crafts done at fair:

  1. Craft Bags – Sr. Binish Abdullah and her helpers set up a creative station where kids decorated plain paper bags with Ramadan themed stickers, stamps, glitter and paper cut outs. These doubled as bags to hold the rest of their crafts and goodies in at the fair.
  2. Ramadan Banners– Sr. Aser Janua hosted a delightful banner station, where “It’s Ramadan” banners were cheerfully colored by kids.
  3. Handprint Banner– Sr. Heba El-Sheikh had kids print their colorful painted hands with their names on an extensive Ramadan banner. The polychromatic look of the banner vibrantly suggested the unity we share in faith and added to the spirit of Ramadan. The banner now hangs in the HCIC hallway for all to enjoy.
  4. Paper Bag Masjid– Sr. Islam Jaber creatively helped kids decorate plain paper bags and turn them into a beautiful masjid with paper cut outs and stickers.
  5. Ramadan Binoculars– Sr. Sakeena Ahmed and other volunteers helped kids make adorable Ramadan themed binoculars with colors and stickers to make the concept of moon sighting a fun activity.
  6. Sadaqa Boxes– Sr. Kirin Nabi, made every kid into an artist by letting them paint plain wooden boxes and transforming them into beautiful Kaa’ba and heart styled Sadaqa Boxes.
  7. Cookie Decoration– Sr. Roula Hakim and Sr. Bushra Habeeb had kids decorate crescent and star shaped sugar cookies for the kids to eat and enjoy.

May Allah reward ALL the volunteers, many more who were not mentioned, and who made this event a success.