Angels Within

In today’s world of negativity and divisiveness, seldom do we see good things get the attention it deserves.  Muslim Physicians. by choice have decided to serve the rural communities and reject the notion of making big bucks in the urban communities.

It is my pleasure to invite you and your family to a free 90-minute film:

“Angels Within”

Where: Patton Creek Mall AMC Theatre #6

4450 Creekside Ave., Birmingham, AL 35244

When: August 25, 2018 at 6:00 pm

The movie will be preceded by a small welcome ceremony and refreshments which will be served before the movie starts sharply at 7:00 pm.

Thwarting harmful stereotyping, ANGELS WITHIN is a 90-minute film that highlights the positive contributions of Muslim doctors serving remote rural areas of the United States. The story showcases Pakistani-American doctors from Alabama, Utah, Mississippi, and Wyoming who are challenging both diseases and prejudices on a daily basis.

Produced by Pakistani-American actor and director Noor Naghmi from Vienna, VA, the film shines a light on inter-faith harmony and peaceful co-existence in America that rejects political rhetoric.  The film was also accepted into the Oscar competition in the documentary film category.